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Tourist Office Employee Programme

Tourist Office Employee Programme

Tourist Office Employee Programme

The training programme for tourist office employees aims to present the basic knowledge and skills that a tourist office employee must have to be able to cope and evolve in the tourism sector, utilizing the knowledge and skills that will be gained in practice.

Through this training, the candidates will be able to manage the planning and organisation of a tourist product or package. They will know about sales techniques and different tourism products, types of travel agencies, types of tourism, design and management of customer service system, culture and cultural habits of tourists. Furthermore, they will be able to participate in the processes of promoting and selling a tourist product. Finally, they will be able to participate in the various departments and functions of a tourist office.

A Tourism Office Clerk is defined as an employee who possesses the necessary horizontal knowledge, skills and abilities to provide administrative support work in the administrative area of the entire tourism enterprise/operator/organisation.

In particular, the Tourist Office employee

  1. Supports the management to achieve the objectives of the tourism business
  2. Supports the application of scientific and management methods and practices in the production, distribution and promotion of tourism products
  3. Supports the financial planning and economic activity of the tourism enterprise
  4. Supports the management of human resources of the tourism enterprise
  5. Is familiar with modern computer applications in tourism, in general

The programme is intended to

  1.  Existing employees of travel agencies, through this seminar, wish to be further trained in the tourism sector and become competitive in a demanding job market.
  2. To experienced professionals who wish to consolidate and develop the knowledge they have acquired over time in the profession.

The thematic modules of the programme are:

  1. Organization and Operation of Tourist Offices
  2. Flights – Ferry Tickets – International Reservation Systems
  3. Planning and Organisation of Tourist Packages
  4. Business Tourism Management
  5. Air Transport and Airport Services
  6.  ΓραφείωνMarketing and Sales Techniques of Tourist Offices
  7. Elements of Tourism Legislation

The programme is implemented through distance learning and lasts 120 hours. The cost of the training is €100. At the end of the training, a Certificate of Attendance of the programme is issued by the KDBM INNOVATION and there is the possibility of obtaining a Certification. Successful completion of the examination process leads to the acquisition of the certification. Certified Professional Tourist Office Clerk The speciality of Tourist Office Clerk is accredited according to the international standard ISO/IEC 17024:2012 by the ESYD, the legally competent organization, which means that the certification process is carried out with impartiality and documented competence, while at the same time, the certificate is recognized and accepted as equivalent by the National Accreditation Bodies of the EA (European cooperation for Accreditation) member countries. Certified ACTA Training Program Technovlastos Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

You can find the application form HERE.

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