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A guide to digital cross-border entrepreneurship useful for every entrepreneur who wants to grow their business!

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the business sector was highly impacted while a lack of preparedness was highlighted. As a solution to this issue, the Erasmus+ DigiER project came up with an innovative and easy-to-use tool to support entrepreneurs wishing to improve their services and expand their businesses in Europe.

In particular, during the project, the “Guide on Digital Transborder Entrepreneurship Strategies in a business environment” was developed. The Guide will support entrepreneurs to become familiar with business concepts and processes related to cross-border cooperation with partners in Europe, developing a business in European countries and using innovative methods such as augmented reality, etc.

The project is divided into six modules covering a wide range of processes related to a business: negotiation, tax systems, augmented reality, automated marketing, cashless payments and buying behaviour.

To obtain the guide and expand your knowledge and skills, visit the following link:

More information about the project can be found on the project website: