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Multiplier Event for the DIG IN project: Press Release

KAINOTOMIA Lifelong Learning Centre, in the framework of the European project DIG IN, organised and implemented a multiplier event at its accessible premises in Larissa on 8 November 2022!

Among the participants there were representatives from NGOs, youth associations and youth workers, people working with disadvantaged youth, institutions from different fields of education and training (VET institutions, university of Thessaly), the Municipality of Larissa, and a few people under the NEET status.

At the beginning of the event, there was a short introduction to the DIG IN project and consortium, its aims and target groups. Specifically, the attendees first familiarised themselves with the DIG IN tools for NEETs outreach and engagement (via ICT & digital mentoring) and personal development (using collaborative learning and networking) to increase their possibility for employment and social inclusion.

On the one hand, thanks to the project, unemployed youth and young NEETs have the opportunity to boost their employability skills using entrepreneurship as an activator for interest and using new ICT-based strategies.

On the other hand, educators and youth workers are equipped with more sophisticated ICT skills and tools, to allow them to define the best blends among on/off-line, individual or group activities, and allow participants to control their own timing and schedule.

The project’s website was also demonstrated, hosting all intellectual outputs and more details about the project. In more detail, the consortium created tools and products that can be easily accessed through the official project website:

IO1 DIGITAL MENTORING FOR DIGITAL NATIVES; This e-guidebook contains information for youth workers and educators on how to support digital natives using innovative digital youth solutions with a particular reference to mentoring and engagement using ICT and new media.

IO2 DIG IN PROGRAM GUIDE; This document contains the most recent research on the youth’s position when it comes to the employment rate across the EU. The document itself is constructed out of four parts: The research, details about the program, activities that should be done to successfully encourage the desired behaviour of the youth, and the evaluation part. The readers will understand, through the document, the difficulties NEETS face in their lives, and the causes of their social exclusion.

IO3 DIGITAL TOOLBOX; The digital toolbox contains a list of activities to improve digital and managerial skills for NEETs, a set of best practices, learning methodologies, self-assessment tools, workshops, and recommendations.

Finally, there was a short presentation of the piloting phase and its results and participants shared their positive feedback on the presented material.

The KAINOTOMIA team would like to thank all those who participated in the event for their presence and their interest in the project!

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