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Kick-off meeting of FACIT project

The kick-off meeting for the FACIT project was successfully completed on 9-11th of February. Host and coordinator of the meeting was the organization Integra Onlus in Rome. Place of the meeting was the Gregorian Pontifician University . During the meeting, each organization presented its actions and programs for the current period.
The 5 dimensions of the project were analyzed: Economic, Ecological, Digital, European and Global, and partners clarified the tasks of each organization until the next meeting.

The partners are responsible for each dimension as follows:
Global Dimension (Integra Onlus ,Italy)
Digital Dimension (E-Juniors ,France)
Economic Dimension (Kainotomia ,Greece)
Ecological Dimension (Geoclube ,Portugal)
European Dimension (FPD,Italy)

Partners discussed and set the dates for the upcoming meetings until the beginning of 2021 and especially discussed the details about the first Learning, Training, Teaching Activity (LTTA) of the project which arranged for next March at the E-JUNIORS premises, in Paris.
Finally, the partners discussed about the two-month training, which will be held in Porto in the summer of 2021.

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