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RETAIL project will engage a consortium made of 7 partners from 4 EU countries: Ireland, Spain, Poland and Greece. Having different background, contexts, profiles and experiences, those partners, 2 chambers of commerce, 3 SMEs offering business support services and training, 1 university, 1 IT
expert will collaborate to develop an innovative learning proposal addressed to 3 main target groups:

-Experienced entrepreneurs from the retail sector, in the need of changing their business model and practices
-Youth and unemployed, for which retail is an entrance door to the labour market, in search of opportunities in the sector and having a strong sense of new customers values and behaviours, seeking for connection and sense.
-VET stakeholders and other business support organisations and educational institutions, who will access to the OER and will be multipliers of the methodology and contents to be developed.

Within each of the target groups, the project will rely on a participative approach engaging directly with the beneficiaries in the project. At each stage, participants, particularly retail entrepreneurs and youth and unemployed will be involved to test and comment on the training products. 16 of them will participate in an on-site blended training activity in Larissa, during which the intergenerational approach will be applied.

The main project activities and outputs are dependent on peer learning and intergenerational exchange. Addressing the needs of each one of the targets, partners will develop:

-An entrepreneurs training package, providing entrepreneurs with knowledge on new business models and integration of change

-A youth training package, providing them with sectoral knowledge and how to sustain a business

-An intergenerational training package, offering a framework for collaboration between the 2 groups

-An online platform with social modules and collaborative space where users can access the OER and exchange experiences.

-8 multiplier events (2 per country) to inform about the project development and foster its exploitation A learning activity in Larissa where participants will create binomas of entrepreneurs and youth to learn thanks to work based learning, searching for solutions to retail entrepreneurs barriers and

As a result, partners have the ambition to propose an innovative educational resource and tested methodology, which shall impact positively the target groups by:
-Bettering entrepreneurial skills of the targets
-Bettering small trades competitiveness
-Ensuring sustainability of businesses
-Ease the entrance of new labour workforce generation
-Support the generational transition in retail human resources

RETAIL Outputs

The first training package proposed will address experienced entrepreneurs and managers of the retail sector. The objective of this package will be to raise their awareness of the innovations needed in the sector, to work on cultural mindset changes and encouragement to engage younger generations into the business, and the potential of integrating the three bottom line pillars in their business models, taking into account not only economic, but also environmental and social aspects in decision taking. During this output, partners will collaborate together in order to develop a suitable content proposal based on a modular structure and corresponding to the need analysis performed. They will discuss the training need and establish a first proposal of structure. Then, DCC, will coordinate the output and will propose the distribution of tasks between partners so each one will be given responsibility for one or several training content development.

Specific contents will be developed for the youth and unemployed as there is a clear need to attract these groups to the sector and encourage use of their technological skills to the benefit of the sector. The modules dedicated to youth will include an introduction to retail business and their specificities,
as well as the benefits of developing a professional career in this sector and how they can be beneficial in the transformation of the sector. Again, this output will thus focus on two main fields: new digital technologies applied to retail and sustainable retailing. During this output, partners will collaborate together in order to develop a suitable content proposal based on a modular structure and corresponding to the need analysis performed. They will discuss the training need and establish a first proposal of structure. YOUTH WORK IRELAND (YWI), as coordinator for this output, will propose a distribution of tasks between partners so each one will be given responsibility for one or several training content development.

Having addressed each target group separately, they will be brought together to collaborate and reach a common and innovative understanding of entrepreneurship in the retail sector. KAINOTOMIA is an expert in the implementation of continuous vocational training programs specifically targeted at youth, unemployed people, educators of all education levels, students of higher education, employed/self-employed persons and vulnerable social groups (migrants, refugees, disabled people), for the development of professional skills, promotion and integration into the labour market and society in general. They also provide Career Guidance and Counseling in close cooperation with regional stakeholder networks and according to individual needs. Having experience with both youth and entrepreneurs target, KAINOTOMIA will lead the activity of create
innovative collaborations with the target groups. In order to maximise the the collaboration partners will provide both experienced entrepreneurs and
youth participants with access to common training content dedicated to sustainable and digital business innovation. An Intergenerational Collaborative Training Modules (ICTM) approach will have a practical “learning by doing” and work based approach boosting the experiences of the groups (experienced entrepreneur / manager and one youth / unemployed). Training Content (IO.1 and IO.2) will be delivered in a practical way looking at direct application in real companies.

The e-learning platform will contain:
1) basic introduction to the project’s aims and objectives
2) Initial Knowledge, Skills and Competences (KSC) and guideline through the structured learning
journey (also using the Europass training description developed in O3/A3).
3) Experienced entrepreneurs training contents and modules.
4) Youth training package
5) ICTM approach and information on possible collaboration work based frameworks
6) ICTM training package and social modules
7) Success stories (taken from the learning activity in Larissa)
The development of the course will be participative, as the target groups will be invited to review the contents of the course under construction, and to participate in the final edition of the e-training platform by providing feedbacks, suggestion and comments on the contents and on the form.
This platform will follow the OER principles. It will be build to provide free ease of access to any interested parties. Peer led learning will be encouraged thanks to the forum section of the platform. The learning journey for the educational resources will be presented in Europass format in order to recognize the transnational aspect of RETAIL.

The Partnership

DUBLIN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE-applicant, Dublin, Ireland

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Dublin Chamber of Commerce (DCC) is the oldest Chamber of Commerce in Ireland representing business interests of 1,300 companies across the Greater Dublin area. The membership of Dublin Chamber employs an estimated 350,000 employees from across more than 50 industry sectors,
ranging from sole trader businesses to multinational corporations. This means that Dublin Chamber is the most representative and broadly-based business group in the Greater Dublin Area. Dublin Chamber is working on behalf of businesses in Dublin to ensure that their voice is heard by
Government and by the political parties. The message is clear – the Government must Support business as it plays a central role in society and Plan for Dublin as it plays a vital role in Ireland’s success. Our mission is to ensure that Dublin is a great city in which to live, work, visit and learn. In
pursuit of these objectives, the Chamber regularly responds to consultations organised by Government departments, local Government and state agencies. Dublin Chamber surveys its members each quarter to help find out about current trading conditions and also the challenges currently facing businesses.

INSTALOFI LEVANTE SL– partner, Valencia, Spain

more info
Instalofi Levante S.L. (FyG Consultores) is a private, high-level training enterprise, pioneers in cocreation with companies, adults and young people in the training on innovative concepts, business creation, employability basic skills, literacy and numeracy skills, en-trepreneurship and soft&hard
skills training. FyG acts actively as an education and training company promoting and enhancing the development of adults seeing for new opportunities and helping them to become more employable, facing different
factors of exclusion: youngsters and adults with educational difficulties, unemployed with economic or social obstacles.
FyG has experience in running a wide range of trainings courses and mentoring pro-grammes for companies, entrepreneurs, Start-Ups, also with individuals from disad-vantage groups. It acts a body providing career guidance, professional counselling and information providing services of job
insertion and intermediation on the labor market for unemployed as: orientation, training, assessment and information.

Ke.Di.Vi.M2 KAINOTOMIA – partner, Larisa, Greece

more info
KAINOTOMIA provide business consultancy to companies & supporting services and consulting support services to trainees to facilitate their (re) entrance into the labour market. KAINOTOMIA has participated in several national projects, offering a high degree of expertise regarding training in contemporary fields, matching them with those that have a high demand in job’s market, in order to develop trainees’ knowledge, skills and attitudes towards their integration in the labour market.KAINOTOMIA has been participating in co funded national projects under the name of “local development plans and entrepreneurship for unemployed based on specific local needs and growth potential”.

Danmar Computers – partner, Rzeszow, Poland

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Danmar Computers LLC is a private company operating in the field of Information Technology and providing vocational training in this field. Danmar has an extensive experience in developing modern Web and mobile applications that are used for educational purposes. Danmar also has long-term experience of carrying out European projects within which company’s R&D staff conducts research and prepares trainings tailored to the needs of various learners.


more info
MEUS is a private organisation based in Valencia, Spain, aimed at bettering people´s capacities in their environment, both at professional and private levels. Thus, it focuses on skills development of the individuals at each stage of their life, from school to adult education.
In line with the European strategy related to education, MEUS works on the development of new training materials and methodologies adapted to different target and market needs, so improving the integration on the labour market. It also encourage the development of new business projects, offering assessment and training to entrepreneurs, supporting them in being creative, innovative and successful in their initiatives.
MEUS explores and promotes sustainable business models, seeking for the implementation of best practices of CSR. MEUS strongly supports new and growing sectors of the economy, and is attentive in the societal changes, this is why we are particularly engaged in issues such as the green economy
(and green skills), the orange economy (culture), ICT, adaptation to the aging population and new demographic features generating higher demand in person services, etc.


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Polish Chamber of Commerce is the biggest business support organization in Poland. which joints about 156 chambers-members, representing about 300 000 entrepreneurs all over Poland. PCC is involved in co-participation in the development of the overall state economic policy and sector polices. PCC assess activities undertaken by the public administrative and local self-governmental authorities. We represent interests of the Polish entrepreneurs vis-a-vis the President of the Republic of Poland, the Parliament, the Government and local self-governments, in particular, through issuance of opinions on draft statutes pertaining to economy.
One of the most important tasks of PCC includes representation of the Polish enterprises abroad. Through close bilateral cooperation we are united with many business self-government chambers worldwide. That is why PCC organizes national exhibitions, invites entrepreneurs to international trade, fairs, trade missions, economic forums, multi and bilateral business meetings.


more info
National Youth Federation Limited (trading as Youth Work Ireland) works to develop the potential of young people and to strengthen communities in Ireland through quality youth services. Young people are at the heart of the organisation and supported with excellent standards in volunteers, leaders,
staff and services. We are a national youth organisation established over 50 years ago as a federation of local services run by local communities. This gives us advantages in terms of reach and efficiency in delivering at minimum cost with maximum impact. Our Integrated Youth Service is
responsive to local demand, not prescribed or top down. It harnesses the goodwill and voluntary effort of local people. YWI is the largest provider of Youth Information centres in Ireland, currently running 14 centres across the country. We also work in strategic partnership with the largest online
youth information resource in Ireland, We run a listening and information service for young people across the country “Hear4You”. Our services are closely aligned with Local Government, Education and Training Boards and Children’s Services Committee’s working in these communities, and able to form key strategic partnerships to deliver locally on national priorities. Our national role allows us to take a unified approach and channel the local experience into national policies and practice.

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The RETAIL project “shuts down”!

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