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Skills4VET-app – Upskilling VET trainers to act as apprentices coaches

Skills4VET-app – Upskilling VET trainers to act as apprentices coaches

Implementation Period

30/12/2022 – 29/12/2024

Project Number


Summary of the project

The project Skills4VET-app is a 24-month Erasmus+ project. The Skills4VET-app project aims to equip VET trainers and providers with knowledge and tools to support and guide VET learners towards apprenticeships.

The innovative digital resources that will be developed, including a Digital Report as well as a Digital Roadmap, will enhance users’ capacity and knowledge in the development of qualitative and appealing apprenticeship programs.


  • VET trainers
  • VET providers and centres


  • Identify the knowledge gap of VET trainers and centres related to apprenticeships
    – Equip VET trainers with knowledge and methodological tools on how to guide, support and motivate the apprentices before
    the mobility
  • Strengthening the cooperation of VET centres with the business sector for addressing better the needs of the labour market
  • Shift towards a more sustainable and greener VET sector, meaning management, curricula, and content (e.g. digitized
  • Design and implement sharing and promotion tools and activities, in order to increase the visibility of VET learners’ mobility, including apprenticeships


Project Results

An eBook called “Skills4VET-app Digital Report” consists of three national reports that describe the current needs of VET trainers and providers. The research on the partners’ countries will be conducted through questionnaires and interviews.

An interactive online platform aimed at addressing the knowledge and competence gap of VET trainers, centres, and providers regarding the learning mobility of apprenticeships. The platform will consist of several stations/steps that will guide VET trainers through the entire process of preparing apprentices for their apprenticeships until their completion and evaluation.

The Partnership

KAINOTOMIA & SIA EE – Coordinator, Greece

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KAINOTOMIA” is a level two Lifelong Learning Centre (K.DI.VI.M2) in Greece, which is active in the field of Vocational Education and Training. KAINOTOMIA has implemented more than 60 continuing vocational training programmes for unemployed people, teachers of all levels of education, higher education students, employees/self-employed and vulnerable social groups, for the development of professional opportunities and their promotion and integration into the labour market and society in general, through innovative programmes. “KAINOTOMIA” provides consultancy services to enterprises and support and advisory services to trainees to facilitate their (re)entry into the labour market. “KAINOTOMIA” has participated in several national projects, offering a high degree of expertise in training in modern fields, combining them with those that are in high demand in the labour market in order to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes of trainees for their integration into the labour market. Furthermore, “KAINOTOMIA” participates in co-funded national programmes called “local development and entrepreneurship projects for unemployed people based on specific local needs and development potential.

Social Innovation and Regional Development Institution – partner, Greece

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“Social Innovation & Regional Development Institution (S.I.RE.D.) is a civil company of non-profit making aims, active within the social economy sector. S.I.RE.D. was established in 2017 and is based in Trikala, Greece. Our mission is to work in partnership with similar organizations nationally and internationally so that to promote educational and training excellence for individuals such as young people, unemployed, low-skilled employees and in general individuals from marginalized groups of the community and enable them to become key players of the social economy. We also aim to make knowledge widely accessible and offer personal development opportunities in order to contribute in quality of life improvements. Principles of altruism and voluntarism remain key defining characteristics for S.I.RE.D. Aiming in offering the best value services both to its trainees and its working partners SIRED operates according to the International Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015.”.

Università delle LiberEtà del FVG – ETS – partner, Italy

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The University of LiberEtà is a lifelong learning center that focuses on adult education and training. Its aims are to be a cultural and educational resource for the local community, to provide up-to-date and continuous training, to encourage the active and productive role of its members through initiatives and projects, to increase cultural horizons, to innovate teaching and learning methodologies and to work with local stakeholders for the affirmation of the Learning City concept. Its areas of expertise are culture and tradition, ICT skills, foreign languages and cultures, psychological and physical well-being, and arts and crafts workshops. Its activities include events, courses, and international exchanges organization along with management and participation in various European collaborative projects, having developed a network of more than 60 organizations.


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MEUS is a private organization based in Valencia, Spain, aimed at bettering people´s capacities in their environment, both at professional and private levels. Thus, it focuses on the skills development of individuals at each stage of their life, from school to adult education. In line with the European strategy related to education, MEUS works on the development of new training materials and methodologies adapted to different target and market needs, so improving the integration of the labour market. MEUS is an expert in new learning methods, based on participative and collaborative ways of learning. Our training activities rely on experiential training and learning by doing, intending to keep the learners alert so that they can learn new competencies in an entertaining way. MEUS largely exploit gamification, developing challenges that trainees need to overcome individually or as teams. Our training activities are proposed on-site or online while collaborating with IT experts for the development of digital solutions that are in line with our philosophy. MEUS also promotes the mobility of youth and adults, students and professionals as a way of learning from experiences in other countries, our organization has participated in a number of Erasmus + projects and accompanied blended / short-term mobilities.

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Kick-off meeting for the Skill4Vet-app project!

Kick-off meeting for the Skill4Vet-app project!

The Skills4VET-app project begins! Skills4VET-app is a 24-month Erasmus+ project to support vocational education and training trainers, as well as vocational education and training centres, to design effective apprenticeship programmes. In the framework of the project, research in partner countries on the implementation of apprenticeships will be carried out and will also develop a web-based [...]
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