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The refugee and migrant crisis consists one of the biggest challenges Europe is facing nowadays. In the last years there was a continued arrival of refugees coming from Syria, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Pakistan, Iraq and Eritrea, among others. These people are facing many difficulties to cross EU external borders. Many of the countries from where the partners of Future Target come from are having numerous arrivals of refugees and migrants (e.g. more than 174.000 have arrived in Greece and more than 181,000 in Italy) and more than 5.000 people already lost their lives trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea. The help of NGOs and associations is every day more necessary to work in parallel with public authorities. Future Target believes that in order to improve the situation, it is necessary to find, understand and share good practices to have the opportunity to apply them in local territories, offering best services and guiding the population to the acceptance, inclusion and positive response towards humanitarian needs.

For this reason, this project has planned activities which could support not only the partner organizations but also the local communities, the migrants and the refugees. The main activities are such as trainings, workshops, seminars and project meetings. Through them, the project aims to improve the present knowledge and the capacity to react at local/regional level, as well as to increase the quality of life of the migrants and refugees by working on their integration in local communities.

Some of the expected activities and outcomes of Future Target are:

Face to face interviews with refugees & asylum seekers (10 per country).

Interviews with other organizations working for refugees/migrants (10 per country).

Guide of Good practices: Definition of the best 15 practices on integration of refugees and migrants.

6 festivals of Foreign Cultures where the food, drinks and traditions of migrant communities will be shown.


Project website:

Future Target Outputs

The Partnership

-Intercultural Youth Dialogue Association, IYDA e.V., Bonn, Germany

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“Intercultural Youth Dialogue Association e.V.” (IYDA) was established by a group of highly motivated multicultural Team, IYDA is recognized as Migrant organization from their sister NGO IYDA Egypt established 9 years ago, IYDA has risen to a well-established organization, registered as a nonprofit, non-governmental organization.
IYDA is a non-for-profit association that is member or associated member of 30 international networks (4 of them are EU networks: Mine Veganti, Comparative Research Network, NGO Nest Berlin, Euro NET).
IYDA is one of the founders of Euromedable Youth Network, one of the biggest networks of youth councils in Europe to gather European organizations and youth councils and south Mediterranean
organizations and youth councils. IYDA has over 40 partner organizations in 22 different countries in Europe. IYDA gives to children, young people and adults these services:
– information and project development center
– organization of training courses, exchanges and cultural, artistic or sport activities
– sector study, research
– counseling, crisis support and prevention
– e-learning, networking, partnerships, training courses and workshops
– publications, newspapers and web sites

Youth Europe Service, Potenza, Italy

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Youth Europe Service was born in January 1999.
Y.E.S. is a no profit association that wants to realize, in the social and environmental field:
-Integration of people with disabilities or disadvantaged
-Migrants and refugees
-Mutual knowledge between people, to develop solidarity and assert the principle of civil living
-Knowledge and protection of the historical, cultural, artistic patrimony
-Development of the social, cultural and sports activities to create a European nationality
-Promotion of annual events among its members, activities such as giving information, realization of
exchanges and voluntary services, organization of cultural events
-Development of new entrepreneurs & job opportunities
-Activities and initiatives in tourism development and promotion.

Ke.Di.Vi.M2 KAINOTOMIA – partner, Larisa, Greece

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KAINOTOMIA provide business consultancy to companies & supporting services and consulting support services to trainees to facilitate their (re) entrance into the labour market. KAINOTOMIA has participated in several national projects, offering a high degree of expertise regarding training in contemporary fields, matching them with those that have a high demand in job’s market, in order to develop trainees’ knowledge, skills and attitudes towards their integration in the labour market.KAINOTOMIA has been participating in co funded national projects under the name of “local development plans and entrepreneurship for unemployed based on specific local needs and growth potential”.

SHARING EUROPE, Firenze, Italy,

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Sharing Europe is a local association created by a group of communicators and professionals involved in European field. It’s a non-profit organization which develops activities for and with young and adult people, such as cultural and educational initiatives at local and European level. Sharing
Europe is an independent organism, active in various types of activities such as: training courses, conferences, seminars, workshops, e learning, exchanges, mobilities and initiatives, raise awareness campaign, etc.
So Sharing Europe’s mission is to foster and support the sustainable development of local communities and individuals’ empowerment through education and training, human rights, international cooperation and the development of various European projects. It has good contacts and relations with the local administrators, with schools, media, associations, and other NGOs.


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Geoclube is a Youth Association founded in 2000 by a group of teachers and students from the highschool of Gondomar. The main objective of the association is to foster the active participation and the involvement of
young people in the decision making process of their education and their future. Moreover, Geoclube – Youth Association aims to create opportunities for young people to be active, to participate and to have special interest in issues that concern directly their future, such as Education, Politics,
Economics, Democracy, Social problems, Employability and Environment related issues. The organization has two offices: one in the House of Volunteering of the Municipality of Gondomar, and a
second one located inside one of the municipality social housing where we are partners in a social inclusion project – P@ssport’In. Both offices are located in the city center of Gondomar, where the organization can reach a wider percentage of population and have a bigger room for activities like workshops, trainings, and mentor young interns from different areas. This also improved greatly the visibility of our NGO amongst young people and local community in general. 

Academia Postal 3 Vigo S.L., Vigo, Spain

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Postal3 has been providing training and support, for more than 10 years, to NEETs: training needs, labor market opportunity analysis, entrepreneur capability of alumni, assistance to acquire entrepreneurial skills, start-up assistance, commercialization and promotion and business network.
In addition, IT and management skills are provided for Postal3 learners to ensure their business successful and sustainability.
Postal3 has experience in the following areas:
– national and international projects within National and UE programs and funds;
– specialization and qualification of human resources;
– research and monitoring of training needs;
– Job creation projects for Woman and Young people;
– Quality and learning system projects for SME;
– Innovation learning development and transfer to SME;
– Information learning development and transfer to SME;

PRO IFALL AB, Orkelljunga, Sweden

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ProIFALL is located in the south of Sweden and was founded in 2015 with the main idea to develop non-formal education methods for young people. It is a SME with 3 people who are working for management and project development. There are also 5 experts working with non formal education and project development. ProIFALL is a small scale enterprise yet it is connected with non governmental organizations to build up the competences of the volunteers who can then work as expert on social issues and education. ProIFALL has now 20 volunteers in its network who are future expert in several areas related to education.

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3rd Joint Staff Training Event in Porto for Future Target project

3rd Joint Staff Training Event in Porto for Future Target project

The partnership of the Future Target project has successfully participated in the Joint Staff Training Event (JSTE) in Porto, Portugal, between the 10th-12th of May 2022! Partners from Germany (INTERCULTURAL YOUTH DIALOGUE ASSOCIATION), Greece (KAINOTOMIA), Italy (YOUTH EUROPE SERVICE), Spain (ACADEMIA POSTAL 3) and Sweden (MOBILIZING EXPERTISE) joined in person and GEOCLUBE hosted the event. [...]
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